Republic of South Sudan

Strategies to develop an effective criminal justice system

1. Improve the investigation and disposal of criminal cases

  • Provide training for prosecutors and police on proper investigation of crime.
  • Develop guidelines on case management to ensure proper and prompt handling of cases by public prosecution attorneys.
  • Develop appropriate technology to facilitate information sharing and the monitoring of cases.


2. Reduce congestion in prisons and detention facilities

  • Improve conditions in prisons and detention facilities.
  • Adopt penal policies by using non-custodial sanctions and preventive measures for certain types of persons and offences.
  • Create conditions for broader application of simplified procedures, including alternative dispute settlement methods.


3. Improve the processes and mechanisms within the justice system pertaining to Juvenile and Women.

  • Train public prosecutors and police investigators in handling juvenile cases.
  • Increase the capacity of the women and juvenile unit at the Ministry.
  • Develop guidelines on the treatment of juveniles and women within the criminal justice system.