Republic of South Sudan

Directorate of Contracts, Human Rights Conventions, Legal Aid and Treaties

The Directorate of Contracts, Conventions and Treaties, Human Rights and Legal Aid shall exercise all powers reasonably necessary to fulfil the following functions of the Ministry—

  • Representing the Ministry and providing legal opinion to the Government Institutions in all negotiations leading to conclusion of such contracts in South Sudan;
  • Reviewing and recommending approval or otherwise, of such agreements, contracts and documents by whatever name to which a Government Institution has an interest as specified by law;
  • Overseeing the implementation of conventions and treaties and human rights in South Sudan;
  • Providing legal aid for persons in need;
  • Overseeing the enforcement of rights and freedoms enshrined in the INC and ICSS;
  • Providing legal opinion to the National and the State governments on violations of human rights;
  • Educating citizens on their constitutional rights through workshops, seminars and the media;
  • Identifying and studying conventions and treaties relating to matters affecting South Sudan and making recommendations accordingly;
  • Providing legal opinion to the Government on national and state matters directly or indirectly affecting South Sudan and the States;
  • Drafting treaties, conventions and contracts to which Southern Sudan or a State is a party; and
  • Performing any other functions and duties that may be assigned to it, or which are reasonably related to the forgoing activities.

Directorate units