Republic of South Sudan

Directorate of Civil Litigation and Legal Opinion

The Directorate of Civil Litigation and Legal Opinion shall exercise all powers reasonably necessary to fulfil the following functions of the Ministry—

  • Rendering legal opinions to the National and State Governments on matters of civil nature;
  • Representing Government in court or any other legal proceeding for or against it, making statements therein and submitting recommendations to the Undersecretary;
  • Arbitrating and settling disputes among the National and State Governments, as well as between them and others;
  • Rendering legal opinion and assuming litigation on constitutional matters;
  • Receiving reports on civil claims from Legal Counsels in the States, public corporations and companies periodically;
  • Receiving reports       and      data    in         civil      suits against    the Government;
  • Submitting      memorandum on        matters           which require intervention by the Undersecretary or the Minister; and
  • Performing any other functions and duties which may be assigned to it or are reasonably related to the forgoing activities.