Republic of South Sudan

Directorate of Legislation, Gazette, Publication and Printing

The Directorate of Legislation, Gazette, Publications and Printing, shall exercise all powers reasonably necessary to fulfil the following functions of the Ministry—

  • Drafting Government legislation including subsidiary legislation, as requested by National and the State legislatures and executive branches;
  • Overseeing the progress of legislation and provision of legal opinions thereon;
  • Printing and publishing the South Sudan Gazette and any other necessary government publications;
  • Translating legislation and any other legal documents from English to other languages, as necessary;
  • Publishing written laws;
  • Reviewing, refining and improving the legislative drafting process in South Sudan;
  • Conducting research and proposing legal reforms; and
  • Performing any other duty or function that may be assigned to it, or which is reasonably related to the forgoing activities.

Directorate units