Republic of South Sudan

Functions and Duties

  • Ensure law and order are maintained, respected and promoted in South Sudan;
  • Ensure that rights set forth in the Constitution and other governing documents are respected and promoted;
  • Serve as the prosecuting authority at all levels of the Government of South Sudan and perform other functions of a legal nature as prescribed by Law;
  • Draw up and pursue and recommend approval of such agreements, contracts and documents to which the National Government is party;
  • Advise the National Government on all types of legal matters to achieve justice for all in South Sudan;
  • Draft and vet agreements, including the study and preparation of draft laws and agreements for presentation to the National Council of Ministers;
  • Advise the National Government organs and state governments on disputes and adjudicating on the civil suits that may arise among them;
  • Provide legal counseling to the National Government and undertake matters of legal nature on its behalf;
  • Provide all legal services to the National Government, including civil litigation;
  • Draft or assist the drafting of legislation for National Government and the States;
  • Advise National Government on all matters relating to the legal profession;
  • Advise National Government on the provisions and interpretation of the Constitution;
  • Make recommendations on any amendments or other changes to the Constitution;
  • Incorporate and register commercial and industrial businesses;
  • Registration of copyrights;
  • Registration of adoptions, books and newspapers, societies, building societies, business names, companies, marriages, trade unions and others as specified by law; and
  • Any other function referred to it by the National Council of Ministers.