Republic of South Sudan

19 Sept 2023, Juba, SOUTH SUDAN – The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, with support from UNMISS Human Rights Division, on Tuesday launched its official website amid great fanfare and hopes that the platform will enable the Ministry to serve the South Sudanese more effectively and efficiently in the digital age.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Ruben Madol Arol Kachuol, launched the website during a ceremony at the Ministry under the theme: “Enabling easy access to Justice, Laws, and Legal Services through Digital Platforms”.

Director General of the National Communication Authority (NCA) Napoleon Adok Gai, Head of the Human Rights Division of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), senior government officials, amongst others, attended the event.

In his remarks at the event, the Hon. Minister stated that he expected the website to play a crucial role in supporting the Ministry to execute its mandate, especially in the area of developing, promoting, and protecting the human rights of everyone in the country.

“The website we are celebrating today is a result of a resolution passed by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, in the course of the implementation of the agreement, the UN agencies have to provide support to the government and the people of South Sudan, particularly the justice sector. The website is the first tangible support the Ministry of Justice has received from the UN,” the Hon. Minister said.

Justice Kachuol added: “It’s about time we realized we are making a commitment to keep the standard required of the Ministry of Justice to remain in the public spot through this website”.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Dr. Isaac Gabriel Awow expressed optimism that the website would enable the Ministry implement its mandate more effectively.

“The ministry was facing a lot of challenges in disseminating critical information to the public as there was no platform to put the information. Now things will be easier with the website in place and can be accessed even by those in the States and the citizens will know their rights as anybody can now access the laws”.

Meanwhile, Head of the UNMISS Human Rights Division told the gathering that she hoped the website would also be used to publicize important aspects of the 2018 Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS), particularly those related to Transitional Justice and Institutional Reform.

“A website is a comprehensive project as it ensures vital information is conveyed, not only to the South Sudanese, but also to international partners, international communities, and regional actors and this will provide the public with critical information on all processes ongoing in the country, including Transitional Justice,” she pointed out.

Director General of the NCA agreed, adding that websites that are updated regularly often serve useful purposes in this digital age.

“Keep updating the website and create official email addresses for all staff as a domain is like national identity,” Eng. Gai advised.

He also stressed on the need for vigilance against cyber criminals searching for opportunities to disrupt services.

The Hon. Minister emphasized that because of the crucial role the website is expected to play in the coming phase of implementation of the peace agreement, every effort must be made to ensure that it succeeds.

Dynamic Consult, one of South Sudan’s leading ICT companies, constructed the website.