Republic of South Sudan

Justice Ministry introduces cyber-crimes, computer misuse law

Africa-Press – South-Sudan. The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs has initiated cybercrimes and computer misuse laws to try culprits. The ministry also established a court to adjudicate cases related to the 35 crimes.

These include Unauthorized Data Transmission, human and drug trafficking, computer hacking, espionage, economic sabotage, cyber terrorism, and sexual offense communication. Others include publication of false information and indecent content, impersonation and other identity-related offenses as well as disclosure of passwords, among others.

The sentences for the crimes range between four, and twenty years of imprisonment.

Jibril Isaac, Acting Undersecretary in the Ministry of Justice said the court has a well-equipped laboratory to investigate the crimes. Isaac spoke to the media during the launch of the Cybercrimes court on Monday. “Today, we have this law which governs cybercrime and computer misuse and it’s the law that will be used by the general prosecutor and the court for the cybercrime,” said Isaac.

“Now, we have put two general prosecutors in the place to investigate of cybercrime, trafficking and communication crime will be governed by this court,

“You know we recently have the number of suicide cases the device used in one of them. Many of us have experienced many crimes committed by either a device or misuse of a computer,

“The ministry of Justice as an institution mandated to enact laws has done a very comprehensive comparative study on how we can be positioned to enact a law to govern the issue of information technology.”

Cybercrime is any criminal activity that involves a computer, networked device, or network. Most cybercrimes are carried out to generate profit for the cybercriminals.

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