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Ministry Of Justice Receives New Bill on Constitution Making Process

Africa-Press – South-SudanThe Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs has received a new bill on Constitutional Making Process from the task force of Ministry of Justice yesterday.

The task force of the ministry of Justice is the body that was established by Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs which was mandated to draft the bill for the following chapters of R-ARCESS, the chapter five which was the Transitional Justice, chapter Six which was Constitutional Making process and chapter one about the judiciary reforms.

During the handover ceremony, the Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs, Justice. Ruben Madol Arol said, this was the first step toward the implementation of chapter five of the agreement “We in the ministry of justice should proudly say, with this bill the constitutional making process has started its first step. Thanks to those who drafted the bill. We in ministry of justice, we are aware that under chapter 5, the consultative process for the establishment of the commission of truth, reconciliation and healing with support from our partners is already seeing light in the sense that consultative committee is established and is in process of growing program and hopefully would head the road very soon,” Arol said. “This bill is very important in sense that, it’s based on consensus of the people of South Sudan, through the deliberation they made in the workshop and we have been faithful to do justice to that consensus and we expected the process of enactment of this law will also show this consensus is basis for all.” he stressed.

 Speaking on the same event, Undersecretary Gabriel Isaac Awan who was also the chairperson of taskforce, stressed that the bill was prepared by experts from ministry of Justice and would soon be enact into laws. “This bill is purely by expert from this ministry. Secondly, this bill is new for all of us who practiced law since Sudan and South Sudan.

There’s no such law which was enacted since all this period, therefore this law has a different nature and, so we have to celebrate and tell the people of South Sudan that law for constitutional Making Process is in process to be enact,” he added.

Special envoy to South Sudan, Ismail Wais said “The R-ARCSS presented the more promising hope for lasting peace and stability in South Sudan and through the permanent constitution making process which placed the supremacy of the people of South Sudan at the forefront,”

The Deputy resident of UNDP, Christy Ahenkora said that they remain committed to support South Sudan to make sure that South Sudanese attained their lasting peace and development. “The fact that we are as partners supporting this process is the clear commitment of international, regional and continental body to support South Sudan on this important journey because we all believe that the effective implementation of the R-ARCSS is what will help this country turn the corner and shift from conflict instability to steady but also development and that is what is the aspiration of every country especially this youngest nation in Africa and we are solid behind you.”

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